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Work Simply

Embracing the Power of Your Personal Productivity Style


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Tailor your work strategies to fit your personal “Productivity Style.”

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You can be busy without being productive. Your family, boss, clients, computer, cellphone and even your pets vie for your energy and attention. You’ve learned the hard way that most time management programs don’t help. Now, productivity expert Carson Tate offers a system that helps you put an end to inefficient busyness and enables you to develop work strategies that align with your personal “ Productivity Style.” Her 28-question test allows you to diagnose if you are a “Prioritizer, Planner, Arranger or Visualizer.” Learning your productivity type enables you to tailor tools to fit your “cognitive style” and to develop customized systems that boost your productivity. Following this program will help you make sure that you aren’t simply busy – but that you’re productive, as well. getAbstract recommends Tate’s personalized approach to planning, prioritizing and executing to anyone who doesn’t have enough hours in the day.


Unproductive Busyness

Americans work about 50 hours a week, and most working moms get fewer than six hours of sleep a night. People are busier than ever, but their busyness does not make them more productive. Feeling stressed and worried about falling behind may lead you to reach for the latest time-management book or program. Unfortunately, most of them focus only on how much time you allocate to specific tasks. Their one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t consider other demands you face from different sources, nor does it show you how to work more productively.

The way that you apportion your time and energy stems from your personal “cognitive style,” the unconscious way you take in, process and manage information to inform your behavior. Your style influences how you approach and solve problems as well as how you relate to others. Personalizing your work strategies to align with your style can increase your productivity.

Your “locus of control” – a theory advanced by psychologist Julian Rotter – lies within yourself. If you believe you have the knowledge, talent and ability to succeed, you’ll reach your goals, but if you blame others for derailing your work...

About the Author

Carson Tate, who founded the Working Smarter, Not Harder productivity system, is an executive coach, consultant and trainer.

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