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Would You Do That to Your Mother?

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Would You Do That to Your Mother?

The “Make Mom Proud” Standard for How to Treat Your Customers


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Your mom taught you everything you need to know to run a successful, customer-centric business.

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Customer relations expert Jeanne Bliss’s concept of “Make-Mom-Proud” companies is like an eye-catching cover on a familiar collection of customer-centric business practices. Her sound advice suggests viewing your company’s business strategy and practices through the lens of “Would you do that to your mother?” to make sure you’re acting in the best interests of your customers. You can practically hear Mom telling you to look people in the eye and try to give them a hand.


The best business advice mirrors the lessons your mom taught you.

Your mom shaped your values by telling you to share with others, practice the golden rule and play nicely. Business leaders, employees and customers appreciate companies that prioritize mom’s principles and put them into practice. “Make-Mom-Proud” companies create environments in which these behaviors can thrive. They treat each customer as they would a loved one, crafting strategies and procedures around the question, “Would we do that to our mother?”

With mom in mind, frontline employees respond with warmth and empathy; inside teams work to improve the customer experience and leaders guide the organization with purpose. The simple lessons of childhood inform business decisions, promote positive behaviors, and help your business succeed by treating people with respect and appreciation.

“Humanity and caring” are always a winning combination at home and at work.

Companies that operate with mom values hire people whose principles and attitudes align with those standards. They enable employees to live these values at work. Employees ...

About the Author

Jeanne Bliss, who has experience as a Chief Customer Officer at Lands’ End, Microsoft and other companies, is also the author of I Love You More Than My Dog and Chief Customer Officer.

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    K. L. 2 years ago
    In the recommendation paragraph the author is referred to as 'him'. Jeanne Bliss is a female.
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      Thank you very much for letting us know. It's correct now. (Erica Rauzin, Sr. Managing Editor, getAbstract)

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