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You Don’t Have to Be an Expert to Solve Big Problems summary
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When a polluting haze obscured his beloved city of Johannesburg, South Africa, computer engineer Tapiwa Chiwewe felt driven to act – despite his lack of relevant knowledge or experience. His story serves as both a lesson and an inspiration. Chiwewe’s quiet humor and humility make this talk all the more compelling, and getAbstract recommends it to anyone who has used lack of expertise as an excuse for inaction.

About the Speaker

Tapiwa Chiwewe, PhD, leads the advanced and applied AI group at IBM Research–Africa. 



“I’m no expert” is a poor reason to avoid tackling a problem. In fact, as an outsider or amateur, your perspective and skills can help you see things that experts miss – or enable you to innovate fresh solutions. Take the experience of computer engineer Tapiwa Chiwewe. Driving to work in Johannesburg one day, he noticed a haze obscuring the city skyline. The clash between the beauty of his beloved city and the ugliness of the pollution made Chiwewe want to solve this problem. He knew little about environmental science or managing air quality, but he didn’t let his lack of expertise stop him. Instead, he educated himself...

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