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Most people can imagine their ideal day, but what would it take to make your perfect day – or parts of it – come to life? Jason W. Womack, an executive coach and workplace performance trainer, tells you how to change your habits and make your ideal day a reality. Womack identifies some commonsense ideas about how to “work smarter, think bigger and make more.” While few of his ideas are revolutionary, they add up to a compelling prescription for breaking through barriers that hold you back. getAbstract recommends Womack’s well-constructed collection of sound, practical, life-improving advice to anyone seeking increased efficiency and productivity.

About the Author

Jason W. Womack, an executive coach and trainer and the CEO and founder of the Jason Womack Company, has given more than 1,200 seminars on workplace performance.



The Best Day Ever

Imagine your ideal day. What time would you get up in the morning? What would you do first? What would you accomplish? Who would you be with? Visualizing your ideal day and committing that vision to paper will help you “work smarter, think bigger and make more.”

Part 1: Work Smarter

A day consists of 96 blocks of time that are 15 minutes long, so each 15-minute block is about 1% of your day. You can dramatically increase your efficiency by managing the time on your calendar in blocks of a quarter of an hour. When you suddenly have an extra 15 minutes, such as when a meeting ends early or when someone you’re expecting is late, be prepared to use the time to your advantage. Carry the tools you need to complete some of the small tasks on your to-do list, like making hotel reservations, listening to your voicemail, writing thank-you notes or outlining a writing project.

No one can create more time, so, to accomplish more with the time you have, learn to work smarter. Begin with the “IDEA elements”:

  • “Identify a very specific area” – Decide what in your life or work you want to fix.
  • “Develop strategies” – Determine...

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  • Avatar
    D. W. 3 years ago
    a good approach, easy to read and applicable.
  • Avatar
    V. S. 3 years ago
    It's a decent take on, how you should approach your work. You can evolve your own process for improvement, there are enough clues in the summary to expand your thought process.#getbacktoschool #getbacktowork
  • Avatar
    N. N. 3 years ago
    Day3 : "Work Smarter, Think Bigger, Do Better " maxim says it all how to be effective and productive at any phases of life . #getbacktoschool #getbacktowork #ilovegetabstract
  • Avatar
    S. V. 3 years ago
    Interesting summary to be efficient and effective ... I was wondering on a point that expanding social network is very good thing ...however due to current overflow of info and vulnerability due to exposing too much personal info, isn't this become obstruction or distraction thereby posing challenges?
    #getbacktoschool #getbacktowork
  • Avatar
    A. A. 3 years ago
    I am not a fan of Jason Womack - he seems to have developed a knack for churning out rudimentary, run of the mill material that seems to be completely out of touch with the realities of workplace.
  • Avatar
    A. P. 3 years ago
    Very good, pointing out what important things to do to improve productivity.
  • Avatar
    H. M. 5 years ago
    gud article gives clarity how to be focused on MIT's
  • Avatar
    J. B. 6 years ago
    Very interesting concept to manage in 15 minute increments. Allows the ability to prioritize as well as adjust when the unexpected comes in.
  • Avatar
    T. C. 7 years ago
    Womack's ideas seem plausible to incorporate into my day without (too) much fuss. I am excited to give "working smarter, identifying my MITs and focusing to finish" a try! Slowing down right now, is an interesting but foriegn concept that I am looking forward to.
  • Avatar
    P. B. 7 years ago
    we all know this, but he re-surfaces some very interesting points that really can improve your workflow
  • Avatar
    J. D. 8 years ago
    Some fantastic points to help you focus on those things that are most important.