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Your Digital Transformation Career Guide

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Your Digital Transformation Career Guide

The disruption of careers is as significant as the disruption of companies that fail to transform.

CXO Transform,

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Gain a helpful roadmap for success as a transformation manager.

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Digital transformation calls for more than operational expertise, and organizations are increasingly recognizing the need for the specialized skills and knowledge of transformation management practitioners. New or prospective transformation managers will appreciate a helpful career guide from Rob Llewellyn, founder of CXO Transform and a consultant with two decades of experience. Llewellyn offers suggested professional objectives and insights into success factors, in an encouraging and readable guide.


Transformation management professionals should prioritize their own career success.

Performing well in a digital transformation role benefits your organization, but your own career and family come first. By gaining expertise in transformation management, you become able to guide your company through transformation, and you also ensure your own career success.

Your objectives should include preparing for your next role, performing as well as you can and seeking promotions.

Avoid the stagnation that can come from staying in a role too long. Changing jobs keeps your skills and knowledge up to date and pushes you to learn. To maximize your performance in a transformation management role, acquire the necessary skills and knowledge...

About the Author

Rob Llewellyn, the founder of CXO Transform, has more than 20 years of experience advising multinational and government organizations undergoing transformation.

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