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Strategy isn’t exactly titillating subject matter, which might be one of the reasons some leaders balk at the idea. Yet according to management consultant Martin Reeves, in the current rapidly changing business environment, strategy is more important than ever. Reeves offers a multidimensional approach to choosing the most apt strategy. While veteran executives will already be familiar with Reeves’s assertions, novices should take heed.

About the Speaker

Martin Reeves directs the Boston Consulting Group’s think tank for new ideas in strategy and management.



Many leaders suffer from strategy fatigue. They recoil from investing time and effort in strategic planning when the best-laid plans become defunct within mere weeks. Yet as the world grows increasingly more complex, there is a yawning need for savvy strategy. Strategy, in simple terms, is an instrument to help you win “competitively in a particular situation.” But there is no one-size-fits-all model when it comes to strategy. You must tailor your strategy according to the business environment in which you operate. To determine your business environment, analyze your market according to three dimensions: “unpredictability, malleability” and “harshness.” You’ll find your...

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