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As One

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As One

Individual Action, Collective Power


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One size doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to new paradigms for 21st-century leaders.

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getAbstract strongly recommends this expansive, beautifully produced, hugely entertaining book about leaders and followers. Management consultant Mehrdad Baghai and former Deloitte global CEO James Quigley, writing with top Deloitte managers, relate widely diverse stories to show how leaders interact with followers. They draw eight leadership models of collaboration – each of which is proven to work in the right circumstances, and each of which can be applied to organizations today.


“As One”

Research and discussion about leadership skills tend to center on a leader’s qualities and to pay little attention to followers and what motivates them to contribute and succeed. Firms are likely to fail when they suffer a “disconnect” between leadership styles and strategic goals – and between prevailing and preferred ways of working. For people to reach their full potential, leaders and followers must work as a collective, united for a common purpose. Examples from politics, business and the notfor-profit sector suggest eight models of collective leadership. Spanning command-and-control and laissez-faire leadership formats – and a mix of the two – these models provide a taxonomy for “As One” behaviors:

1. “Landlord and Tenants”

Under this model, a leader’s power rests in a valuable or scarce asset, which the leader, or landlord, controls from the top down. Followers agree to the landlord’s rules in return for access to the asset or resource. Apple’s App Store typifies the relationship. Apple contracts with independent developers to create apps for the iPhone and iPad and sells them through its online store. It splits the...

About the Authors

James Quigley is CEO of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu; Ainar Aijala heads its consultancy. Mehrdad Baghai is managing director of Alchemy Growth Partners in Australia, where Gerhard Vorster is Deloitte’s chief strategy officer. Sabri Challah is vice chairman of Deloitte UK.

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