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Humans and technology are beginning to interact in new ways that will revolutionize society. Kenneth Cukier, data editor at The Economist, adeptly explains the evolution and potential of big data. Though technology is making impressive advances, the picture isn’t entirely rosy, Cukier warns. getAbstract recommends his engrossing oration to innovators, scientists and futurists, as well as to individuals whose jobs the rise of big data could obliterate.


Many assume that apple is the United States’ favorite flavor of pie. Sales data on family-size 30 cm [12 inch] pies corroborate this conjecture. However, a study of the consumption of single-portion 11 cm pies draws an alternate conclusion: Apple is the taste most likely to satisfy a broad range of palates when sharing a pie, but it is not most people’s first preference. In this case, a broader data set illuminated a fallacy and changed common perceptions. Big data adds color to the big picture, and it will be integral to solving the world’s most inextricable problems.

The technological revolution has transformed...

About the Speaker

Kenneth Cukier is the data editor of The Economist.

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