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Career Leap

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Career Leap

How to Reinvent and Liberate your Career


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Revitalize your career with this user-friendly, expert guide to positive career change.

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Honest, uplifting manuals about career transitions are rare treats. And in this slender, worthwhile volume, Michelle Gibbings provides advice on nearly every aspect of career transitions, ranging from education to self-care routines. She proves the perfect spokeswoman for successful change, because her career history includes at least 10 different positions in a range of industries.


Across two decades, Michelle Gibbings received 10 promotions while working for six companies in nine regions.

As a child, Michelle Gibbings wanted to star in Charlie’s Angels, a television series from the 1970s featuring Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith. Although her life proved slightly less dramatic, Gibbings launched a career journey as fast-paced as any TV show. During a 20-year span, she advanced 10 times while working for half a dozen companies in nine geographic regions. Gibbings also earned three degrees, served on three boards and joined six industry groups.

Gibbings credits her incredible career to her passion for learning and hunger for new challenges. Every worker should embrace such a mind-set in the current job market. Due to technology and automation, secure employment has become a relic of the past as many jobs disappear and new positions emerge.

Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) have dramatically changed many industries and professions.

The classic rule of Monopoly, a popular board game, holds that when you “Pass Go,” you hold out your hand for a $200 payment. Likewise, you know the rules...

About the Author

Michelle Gibbings is an expert on professional change; her career experience includes stints in politics, mining and business ownership.

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