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Culture Built My Brand

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Culture Built My Brand

The Secret to Winning More Customers Through Company Culture


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Discover how to unleash the power of culture into your organization – and use it to propel your brand. 

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Becoming an agent of cultural change in your organization isn’t the steep task it might seem. Brands need thriving internal cultures to be externally successful, and cultivating one is possible by tapping into the practical steps, customizable tools and easy-to-follow pointers outlined by leading brand strategists Mark Miller and Ted Vaughn.


An organization’s culture defines its brand strategy.

Building an organizational culture that drives your brand and communicates your competitive distinction can help you stand out and increase your likelihood of success. Leaders can uncover a direct path to increasing attention, sales and internal satisfaction by knitting their employees’ values with the company’s values. The “Marquee Culture” method extends a road map for integrating your brand into the six layers of culture: principles, architecture, rituals, lore, vocabulary and artifacts. With focus and endurance, you can assimilate your brand into your culture in a way that brings everyone to the same team.

A marquee culture, which separates your brand from the rest, makes a significant promise that draws people in, and can:

  • Set up your staff to deliver on your brand promise with amazing products and services.
  • Turn your employees into brand advocates by helping them invest more fully in the brand.
  • Shift your organizational systems so they support the right people appropriately.
  • Create experiences to invigorate your team members and remind them what makes the brand ...

About the Author

Mark Miller leads brand strategy and marketing transformation at Historic Agency, a brand strategy organization dedicated to building brands that matter through culture, marketing and design. Ted Vaughn leads client transformation at Historic Agency and specializes in executive leadership, brand development and strategic clarity. He has served over 100 for-profit and not-for-profit brands.

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