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Developing the Leaders Around You

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Developing the Leaders Around You

How to Help Others Reach Their Full Potential

Thomas Nelson,

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The first rule of leadership: A great leader develops equally capable successors because that builds great organizations.

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Over time, organizations rise or fall based on the quality of their long-range leadership. This is why companies must develop new generations of leaders, a strategy that requires a great deal of careful thought, planning, preparation, nurturing and follow-through. Among the authors of books on business topics, John C. Maxwell has carved out a special niche as an authority on leadership issues. In this book (which uses quotes and references from many sources, including religious ones), he explains why any company that expects to operate successfully into the future needs a comprehensive internal leadership development program. getAbstract credits this book with making a worthwhile contribution to recent writings on leadership and succession. Read it to learn why and how any vital organization must continuously develop new leaders.


Are You Developing Future Leaders?

You occupy an important leadership position in your company. You work hard to do an outstanding managerial job. You focus your thoughts and actions – indeed, the majority of your waking hours – on your organization’s long-term health and future prospects. However, being an effective leader requires one more element: finding, mentoring and promoting future leaders for your firm. This is your most important long-range task. Your company cannot thrive and grow if it does not replenish itself continuously. Therefore, it must routinely develop new leaders who will help chart and pave its future path.

On a personal level, your individual success as a leader is ultimately determined not only by your executive talents and capabilities, but by the quality of the people around you and those you leave in your stead. Indeed, your triumph – or failure – as a senior executive rests in the hands of the people closest to you at work. These individuals provide a crucial sounding board for your plans and actions, and help share your leadership load. Always surround yourself with the most capable people you can find. Then work hard with them so they...

About the Author

John C. Maxwell is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and public speaker. He speaks before more than 350,000 people a year. He is the author of more than 30 books, which have sold more than seven million copies.

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    J. O. 1 decade ago
    Do you have someone ready to replace you? If not, you should have. If yes, are you mentoring them to their fullest capacity? This book is great for anyone who is in leadership or managerial position. I recommend reading this, because this abstract will give you big things in short format.