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Empathy – Simon Sinek

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Empathy – Simon Sinek

Best Speech of All Time


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In this stirring speech, Simon Sinek advocates empathy, telling leaders to walk in their workers’ shoes.

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Fostering a work environment that brings out the best in employees starts with the right leadership, as Simon Sinek explains in a passionate speech, labeled “the best speech of all time.” Sinek argues that empathy is the core quality of great leaders. Employees must know their leaders understand them before they can feel safe to articulate what they need to excel at their jobs. Although Sinek spoke with senior leaders in mind, everybody who enjoys stirring oration will savor this video from Inspiritory.


Leaders’ core responsibility is to take care of their employees. 

The two most vital leadership qualities are empathy and perspective. Yet leaders rarely practice them, often because they focus on preserving their status within their organization. Many leaders fail to recognize the core differences between executing a job and leading.

Junior employees’ sole responsibility is to excel at their jobs. They receive training to do their jobs even better, and if they succeed, promotion awaits. Thus, many high achievers are suddenly elevated to a position in which they have to lead others – and then find themselves at a loss. Their natural instinct is to manage how other people do the jobs they themselves formerly did well, but micromanaging is not leadership.

Leadership is a trainable skill.

Organizations often neglect training people for leadership positions. Yet leadership is a skill like any other: you ...

About the Speaker

Leadership and management consultant Simon Sinek is the author of Start with Why and Leaders Eat Last.

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    Simon Sinek is a good leader, and transfers his abilities effortlessly.
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