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Fearless Talent Choices

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Fearless Talent Choices

That Can Make or Break Your Business

David Forman,

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Smart talent decisions help companies navigate a rocky business environment.

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The challenges of an ever-changing business environment force business leaders to consider how to utilize and improve their current workforce. Business professor David C. Forman contends that to improve the workforce, leaders must improve the workplace. Citing data from more than 150 research studies, Forman provides tools and exercises that help leaders and organizations focus on choices they can make to bring their goals into sharper focus, better anticipate change and leverage the potential of their employees.


Business leaders need to improve the workplace to capitalize on their most precious resource: their talent.

Change is often unsettling, but in today’s business environment, it’s inevitable. To drive their organizations forward, business leaders need to help their employees thrive within this sea of constant change. Thus, they must think about managing their talent differently.

Leaders must ensure the talent within their companies aligns with their business strategy; is capable of meeting future challenges; is operating at its best; makes the most of organizational resources and knowledge; is accountable and working in ways that are in accord with desired business outcomes; and is able to adapt to technological developments and economic transitions.

Leaders must align their talent with the strategic goals of the business.

Business leaders can strengthen their strategic intent and help ensure their organization is focused on the appropriate issues in a number of ways:

  • Write a descriptive statement indicating the value the organization provides in measurable ways.
  • Identify core...

About the Author

David C. Forman is adjunct professor at Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business and best-selling author of two “Fearless” books, along with several articles, that focus on improving people’s knowledge, skills and performance. 

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