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How High Will You Climb?

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How High Will You Climb?

Determine Your Success by Cultivating the Right Attitude

W Publishing,

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Choosing to have a healthy attitude makes the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful life.

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Motivational author John Maxwell’s warm, insightful book highlights the need for people to focus on something they unknowingly ignore: their attitude. All too often, people examine how they should act without examining their underlying point of view – the attitude that determines their relationship to life. Maxwell combines spiritual inspiration drawn from the Bible and Christianity with information on how to adjust your attitude. Though many of Maxwell’s easy-to-read motivational books are nonsectarian, he is a pastor and his Christian beliefs dominate here. getAbstract recommends his accessible ideas to anyone seeking a religious path to a boost in attitude.


The Big Pilot

Pilots see the “attitude indicator” as a crucial measure of an aircraft’s performance. This indicator evaluates the “position of the aircraft in relation to the horizon.” When an aircraft climbs, its nose remains high relative to the horizon; when its performance deteriorates, its nose remains low. As with airplanes, your attitude often determines your performance.

The Impact of Attitude

Often people’s informal conversations turn to a friend or colleague’s attitudes. While you can admire someone’s attitude or criticize it, a person’s approach to life is more than a topic for idle conversation – someone’s attitude makes the difference between a successful or unsuccessful life, career or relationship.

Your attitude influences the mood of the people around you. Think back to a meeting in which someone became excessively negative, and consider how that attitude spread throughout the room. By contrast, remember how much better you felt when a friend showed concern or affection for you.

The Bible says that when King Saul felt despondent, he would call for David. His friend’s presence and harp music made Saul feel less sad. Psalm 34 illustrates...

About the Author

Clergyman and leadership expert John C. Maxwell has sold more than 22 million books.

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