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How to Influence People

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How to Influence People

Make a Difference in Your World

HarperCollins Leadership,

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John Maxwell and Jim Dornan offer clear, simple strategies you can use to fine-tune your leadership skills.

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John C. Maxwell has sold more than 19 million books. Jim Dornan has mentored hundreds of thousands of people. This leadership tome, co-authored by Maxwell and Dornan, reflects their larger-than-life perspective. As one reviewer said, it functions as a “coach’s playbook, a pastor’s guide and a parent’s lifeline.” Any Maxwell book is a trove of inspiring anecdotes, and he and Dornan pepper this easy-to-read, sincere volume with memorable, uplifting stories. getAbstract recommends their warm, old-fashioned advice. While neither new nor controversial in any way, it offers pleasant reading that will inspire you as it teaches you how to exert a positive influence.


All People Are Influential

Everyone influences someone else. Success depends on influence. Parents must influence their children; salespeople must influence their customers; and managers must influence their employees. Personal influence works at four ascending levels:

  • “Modeling” – People base how they act on the behavior they see in others, just as children copy their parents. The closer you are to people, the more influence you develop with them.
  • “Motivating” – You influence others when you connect with them emotionally and encourage them. The more positive your relationship is with someone, and the better he or she feels about it, the more influence you can have.
  • “Mentoring” – At this level, you actively guide people and help them lead better lives.
  • “Multiplying” – You are such a positive influence that the people you influence go on to influence other people beneficially. This is the pinnacle of successful influencing.

“A Person of Influence...Has Integrity with People”

You cannot influence others if they don’t trust you. Earning trust takes integrity. Character is internal and manifests...

About the Authors

John C. Maxwell has sold more than 19 million books, including The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and Talent Is Never Enough. Jim Dornan founded and runs Network TwentyOne. EQUIP, the non-profit they founded, trains leaders worldwide.

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