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How to Sell in Place

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How to Sell in Place

Closing Deals in the New Normal

Tom Searcy, Carajane Moore,

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Selling in place – for example, from home – is the new normal. B2B salespeople must adapt.

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The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped B2B selling. However, B2B sales expert Carajane Moore, president of Big Hunt Sales, has managed her sales on a “sell in place” basis for years, as has her colleague, the company’s founder, Tom Searcy. They prefer the efficiency and lower costs of selling in place compared to selling face-to-face. Moore and Searcy reveal their selling-in-place practices, protocols and secrets. They provide valuable advice on hardware, software and selling techniques for connecting with clients and closing sales.


During the coronavirus pandemic, B2B salespeople have had to adapt to selling in place.

The COVID-19 pandemic calls on everyone to shelter in place and take other measures to stay safe and keep those around them safe, as well. B2B salespeople now must arrange online meetings with prospects.

This unnerves many salespeople. They believe meeting face-to-face is the only way to develop profitable relationships with prospects. Today, thanks to email, instant messaging, videoconferencing, internet document sharing, and other high-tech communication and connection advances, B2B salespeople can close huge deals working from home.

To sell in place you need to get the attention of your prospects’ executive decision-makers.

To get the attention of top-level decision-makers at a prospective client firm, demonstrate how you can help fix their most pressing problems within three months.

Executives will assume you already know what their main problems are. If you can solve one of the three primary problems – time, money or risk – executives will listen. Can you reduce wasted time and effort? Can you increase revenues...

About the Authors

Tom Searcy is the founder of Hunt Big Sales where Carajane Moore is president.

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    What a great collection of advice for all types of selling. I particularly like the guidance on online meeting set up and technology.