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Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Platinum Book of Cha-Ching!

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Jeffrey Gitomer's Little Platinum Book of Cha-Ching!

32.5 Strategies to Ring Your Own (Cash) Register in Business and Personal Success

FT Press,

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32 (and a half) classic sales tips, all derived from the master, National Cash Register Company’s John Patterson

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John Patterson, National Cash Register Company’s founder and owner, was a business genius. He introduced many of the sales concepts, training programs and incentive plans companies now take for granted. In this book, well-known author and sales trainer Jeffrey Gitomer spotlights some of Patterson’s best-known sales concepts. This is an expansion of Gitomer’s The Patterson Principles of Selling, an earlier book about the master and his ideas, which Gitomer now – perhaps somewhat cheekily – calls the “Patterson/Gitomer Principles.” Patterson was a marketing mastermind who changed forever how companies manufacture products and make sales. getAbstract believes salespeople can learn a lot from Patterson, but here you must open Gitomer’s oysters to get Patterson’s pearls of wisdom. The oysters are a tasty snack, but each pearl is a gem.


John Patterson, Master Salesman

In 1880, John Patterson established the National Cash Register Company (NCR) in Dayton, Ohio. Most people in that era saw cash registers as newfangled contraptions. Many didn’t think such machines would ever catch on with the public or with storekeepers.

Patterson was a marketing mastermind. He quickly built a large sales force and gave his new NCR salesmen manuals, training aids, and other self-development and professional tools. He established sales quotas and offered special incentives and rewards to top producers. Patterson infused NCR’s salespeople with inspirational, motivational ideas to help them become the best sales force in the world. Many of his concepts were new and worked beautifully. Patterson’s teachings include the following 32 and a half valuable sales techniques and ideas. Each classic is as effective today as it was during the 19th century:

  1. THINK! – In 1911, Patterson printed a small motivational book with this title. It listed new ideas for his salespeople. The book commemorated the one-millionth sale of NCR’s cash registers. Patterson wanted his salesmen to reflect...

About the Author

Jeffrey Gitomer is a best-selling author, columnist, sales trainer and business coach. The Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage Program recommends Gitomer’s The Sales Bible as one of 10 books that every salesperson should read.

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