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Deliver Astonishing Results by Unleashing Your Leadership Team

RedDoor Publishing,

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You can build a leadership team that moves mountains.

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The success of today’s complex organizations depends on a highly functioning, collaborative group of senior leaders who augment rather than distract the CEO. Leadership expert Chris Henderson offers a formula for building a leadership team whose members trust one another, share common goals, assume “collective accountability” and learn from their mistakes without pointing fingers – a team that moves mountains. Henderson draws upon his considerable experience with the Maasai tribe in Kenya to demonstrate how successful communities function. His insightful manual will appeal to leaders in mid-size to large organizations who want their leadership teams to be greater than the sum of their parts.


“Leadership Teams”

A Leadership Team consists of the senior executives who run a company’s divisions or units under the leadership of the CEO or an equivalent executive. But, the Leadership Teams in many organizations turn out to be dysfunctional. Senior leaders tend to operate in silos that de-prioritize the organization’s well-being. Though the individuals on most Leadership Teams are successful, hardworking and capable, they erode their effectiveness by competing with one another. The biggest problems Leadership Teams face stem from poor relationships among the leaders and a lack of accountability. Fewer than 15% of leaders say their organization seriously attempts to build a true Leadership Team. The challenges facing leaders now mean that most people need the support of a strong team of peers to succeed. Though teams of leaders usually coalesce by chance – unlike a deliberately assembled sports team – almost any company can build a great Leadership Team. To begin, discuss your firm’s culture and primary competencies with your fellow leaders.

Better Leadership Teams

Too often, leaders go off-site to classes or seminars only to return to the same environments...

About the Author

Chris Henderson writes, consults and teaches on leadership while drawing inspiration from the Maasai community in Kenya, with which he frequently works.

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