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Money: A Love Story

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Money: A Love Story

Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create the Life You Really Want

Hay House,

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To control your finances, get in touch with your emotions.

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At age six, Kate Northrup started her first business – selling jewelry, wildflowers and lemonade. In her teens, Northrup babysat. Two years out of college, she was earning “solid mid-five-figure income residually” through her work with a network marketing firm. Northrup also amassed $20,000 in credit card debt. She vowed to eliminate this burden and never again slip into debt. With soul-searching and proactive financial steps, she accomplished her mission: At age 28, Northrup achieved financial independence. She explains how you can do the same. Though most readers will find little that’s new here, getAbstract nonetheless suggests Northrup’s fun manual for its helpful insights and information on money.


What Are Your Money Issues?

Everyone has money issues. Money represents what people consider most important in their lives: love, joy, happiness, pleasure, and the like. Money is a value-assignment and exchange mechanism. Values involve emotions – the essential elements of relationships. All people have emotional relationships – good and bad – with their money.

Those who acknowledge money problems think they can override these issues by securing the best financial planning, finding the most experienced accountant and making the wisest investments. First, you must understand the human and emotional side of your relationship with money. Consider who you are, what matters to you, your values and beliefs – including those about money – and how they affect how you handle your finances. Where do your attitudes about money come from? Your parents? Friends? Society? Your childhood? Cultural attitudes?

Dear Diary

Learn which beliefs about money hold you back from financial success. When you get in touch with your negative financial thinking, you can change it. Write your thoughts in a new personal daybook: your “Money Love Journal.” Maintain a record of your ...

About the Author

Kate Northrup is an entrepreneur, mentor, speaker and writer.

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