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Being the “idea guy” won’t get you anywhere unless you are also the “get started” guy.

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Hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky neatly summed up the subject of this Seth Godin book when he said, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” On every page, in different ways, Godin admonishes, cajoles and persuades you to take your shot. He pushes you to “Get Started!” because, he contends, innovation followed by action is the only way to succeed in today’s globally competitive world where quality and good service are standards. Godin is a dynamic speaker and blogger, and his book reads like a speech or a blog post with short sentences, inspirational one-liners and nutshell examples that hammer home his main point. Although it lacks the substance of his previous works while covering much of the same ground, getAbstract suggests this book to those who need a swift shove off the couch and to all Godin followers who will relish his evangelical style, passion and forcefulness.


“I’m Going to Start”

When Annie Downs walked into her boss’s office and announced, “I’ve got an idea, and I’m going to start working on it tomorrow,” she forever altered her relationship with work. Instead of seeking guidance, checking tasks off a to-do list, following corporate directives or reacting to input, she took the reins. Annie became an initiator that day and, in doing so, turned into an asset to herself and her organization. The phrase “I’m going to start” is potent and life changing.

Someone will always be around who can do what you do faster, cheaper and maybe even better. In many ways, the Internet has leveled the playing field; money, access and size don’t wield the power they used to have. Ideas, staff, physical plants, materials, financing, marketing and shipping are less expensive and more available than ever before. All it takes to meld these elements into a successful formula is the willingness and determination to start. The only differentiator is “initiative.”

“The Seventh Imperative”

Success has seven requirements:

  1. “Be...aware of the market, of opportunities, of who you are.”
  2. “Be educated so...

About the Author

Blogger and columnist Seth Godin has written 12 business bestsellers including Permission Marketing and Meatball Sundae. He is CEO of the Squidoo publishing platform.

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