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Primal Teams

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Primal Teams

Harnessing the Power of Emotions to Fuel Extraordinary Performance


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Many business leaders abhor emotion in the office. But research shows that positive emotion at the team level improves corporate performance.

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Powerful, positive emotions spur winning business teams and turbocharge performance, while negative emotions destroy camaraderie and effectiveness. So reports “primal emotions” guru Jackie Barretta, who bases her work-team optimum performance program on research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and quantum physics. Barretta’s theories on creating an emotionally energized business environment seem like straightforward common sense, but her suggestions for company game playing and sing-alongs might seem incompatible with today’s hectic workplaces. Nevertheless, Barretta’s concepts and suggestions are valid and sound. getAbstract recommends her approach to team managers seeking to galvanize their staff to achieve peak productivity.


The “Heartbeat’s Power”

Emotion exerts remarkable power over teams. Negative sentiments such as dismay and animosity obstruct team performance, while positive emotions like optimism and happiness enhance a group’s functioning. Extensive neuroscience research points to various techniques that team leaders can use to maximize members’ emotions and improve team cohesion. These methods help leaders leverage the energy of positivity, establish uplifting bonds among team members, promote greater creative thinking, increase motivation, and guard against the negativity that can interfere with the group’s and with individuals’ performance.

Emotional turmoil undermines the work environment. Rationality and logic can’t repair adverse emotional states-of-mind within your team. Optimize your staff members’ positive emotional perspectives. Transform a poorly performing team into one that attains optimal execution and peak productivity. Brainpower alone can’t fight despair and disheartenment. Only emotions can banish negativity and provide the most reliable path to innovation.

Creativity for Businesses

A 2010 IBM survey revealed that a majority of more than 1,600...

About the Author

Jackie Barretta is a founding partner of Nura Group, a consultancy advising on team innovation and performance.

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