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Sales Training book summary
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Well-trained sales professionals have a big edge over their fly-by-the-seat-of-the-pants competition, so if your job is training them, here’s a tool you will appreciate. Author Jim Makula’s manual for sales trainers demonstrates an accurate, complete understanding of the sales process and the sales professional’s mindset. His training manual comes with sample class agendas, worksheets, training exercises and even an enclosed CD with Power Point slides. Although it is not especially strong on training people to overcome objections or close sales, the practical advice it offers particularly on attitude and networking is otherwise dead-on. recommends this book to every sales trainer. It won’t transform your staff into Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar clones, but it will help you create a more professional, skilled sales force. And that should be worth a lot to your firm’s bottom line.

About the Author

Jim Mikula worked in sales and marketing for many years with major hotel chains in the United States and Asia. Since 1999 he has been with Customer Contact Corporation (C3). Known for his community service, in 1987 he managed the protocols for Pope John Paul II’s visit to Miami.



Back to Basics

Football great Vince Lombardi had a ritual each summer. When he first gathered his team together to begin training, he would hold up a football in their midst and declare in his stentorian voice, "This, gentlemen, is a football." On at least one occasion, a player spoke up and quipped, "Hey coach, you’re going too fast. Could you start again at the beginning?" Humor aside, Lombardi’s point was that no matter what your level of professional accomplishment may be, reviewing the basics is always beneficial. So it is in sales.

All sales activities have three essential elements: thinking, communicating and networking. Of the three, thinking is perhaps the least appreciated. Few sales professionals are aware of how their thinking affects their behavior, and how that behavior later influences their ability to close sales. As a sales professional, learn to rely upon strategic thinking. Examine each technique. Ask yourself, "Why did I do that, and what can I learn from the outcome?"

Filling the Gaps

Gaps always exist between the ideal state of knowledge and ability, and the level that your company’s sales representatives actually possess. The trainer...

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