Streetwise Meeting and Event Planning

Book Streetwise Meeting and Event Planning

From Trade Shows to Conventions, Fundraisers to Galas - Everything You Need for a Successful Business Event

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Think how indispensable assembly instructions are for, let’s say, putting together a gas grill. You’d never even attempt it without step-by-step directions. This book is just as essential for assembling a business event that runs smoothly, stays within budget and meets your marketing goals. Luckily, Joe LoCicero’s writing is more colorful and engaging than your typical direction pamphlet. This chunky book includes tips, insights and stories from his experiences. Whether you are planning luncheon for eight or a conference for thousands, he guides you through the process, from conception to catering to closing ceremonies. Although all this information is a bit mind-numbing when read cover to cover (and it’s not necessary to tackle it that way), getAbstract thinks every planner should keep this comprehensive resource within arm’s reach.


Planning Powerful Meetings and Events

Successful business events accomplish an array of goals. They can increase sales, generate brand awareness, create excitement for a product launch, produce community goodwill, curry favor with stakeholders and acknowledge outstanding employees. Whatever the size of your business or budget, you are limited only by your imagination when it comes to customizing an event. Once you understand and master the basics of event planning, you can organize a meeting for 12 or an exposition for 1,200 with equal confidence and success.

The goals of any business event, large or small, fit into three categories: increase sales, generate awareness or improve productivity. Events tailored to boost selling include, “sales, trade shows, coupon giveaways, direct mail, radio and Web site promotions, and sampling and demonstrations.” Vehicles to create product or brand awareness include, “grand openings, fund-raising initiatives, black-tie affairs and galas, product-launch parties, banquets, open houses, receptions and press conferences.” Your company also might host “meetings, retreats and seminars” to increase productivity. Larger events, such as “...

About the Author

Joe LoCicero is a marketing consultant and the founder of a marketing firm. His previous books are Streetwise® Business Communication and The Idiot’s Guide to Clear Thinking.

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