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The Big Stretch

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The Big Stretch

90 Days to Expand Your Dreams, Crush Your Goals, and Create Your Own Success


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12 ideas fundamentales
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Take radical steps to achieve your dreams in only 90 days. Are you ready for the “Stretch?”

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Are you ready to start that company, found a nonprofit or transform your hobby into a worthwhile side gig? As founder and CEO of the multimillion-dollar multicultural marketing firm EGAMI, Teneshia Jackson Warner learned how to turn dreams into realities. She developed a practical 12-week boot camp to kickstart your success. The Big Stretch integrates stories, exercises and training to push you to take radical steps toward your goals. Get ready for what might be the most productive 90 days of your career.


Week 1: Examine who you are as a dreamer.

After inspiring more than 100,000 attendees at her Dream Project conferences, Teneshia Jackson Warner created a 12-week boot camp – “The Stretch” – to push professionals to achieve their dreams. Whether you hope to found a company, develop an app or create a nonprofit, The Stretch guides you through four phases to transform your life over 90 days:

  1. “Dream” – Envision your dream, keeping in mind potential obstacles.
  2. “Design” – Realize your unique purpose, and pinpoint the mentors, colleagues and team you’ll need to fulfill it.
  3. “Dare” – Take radical steps to push through rejections and insecurity.
  4. “Do” – Make your dream a reality, and dream even bigger.

Your approach will vary depending on your “Dreamer” profile, which may be one or a combination of the following:

  • “The Careerpreneur” – You hope to bring your entrepreneurial spirit to your corporate position. You like structure, and should seek work that invigorates you and employers who embrace initiative...

About the Author

Founder and CEO of EGAMI Group Teneshia Jackson Warner also founded The Dream Project to empower prospective entrepreneurs.

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