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The Execution Factor

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The Execution Factor

The One Skill that Drives Success


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How entrepreneurial dreamers can execute and become doers.

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Are you a dreamer, or a doer? Dreamers have plenty of ideas – but because they lack expertise at execution, none of their ideas become realities. Fortunately, anyone can learn to execute and get things done, according to entrepreneurial wunderkind Kim Perell. Her easy-to-follow, often inspirational autobiography plus start-up manual teaches the fine art of commercial – and, more specifically, entrepreneurial – execution. Her guidance will be a boon to active and hopeful entrepreneurs seeking to learn how to overcome obstacles and setbacks, and make their dreams come true.


Entrepreneurial Traits and Aspirations

Do you think big? Do you work hard? Do you always persevere, no matter what obstacles may block your path? These are crucial entrepreneurial traits. Do you value independence? Do you want to take charge of your own destiny? Do you want to be the boss of your own life? These are crucial entrepreneurial aspirations. But unless you can execute – that is, turn your big dreams into real products that earn real profits – you will never be a successful entrepreneur. The ability to execute separates aspiring entrepreneurs from those who get to live their dreams. 

The Importance of Execution

Entrepreneurs know that almost nothing goes as they hope it might. The entrepreneurial odyssey is filled with difficulties, unplanned obstacles and unexpected pitfalls. Your potential straight line to success can develop crazy curves and could run right into a ditch. Execution is plain hard work, but you can teach yourself to be good at it.

Harvard Business School professor Robert Kaplan and prominent business theorist David Norton explain that execution is vital to commercial success, no matter...

About the Author

Speaker, author and entrepreneur Kim Perell is CEO of the marketing technology company Amobee, a subsidiary of Singtel. Amobee’s brand intelligence technology measures digital engagement. 

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