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The Feynman Technique

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The Feynman Technique

How to Learn Anything Faster!


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Theoretical physicist Richard Feynman developed a learning technique that you can apply to any field to boost your learning.

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In this animated video, developmental specialist Tristan Reed explains the Feynman technique: a four-step method for gaining a true understanding of any subject. It ought to come with a warning, though: Once you’re familiar with this technique, you’ll be able to distinguish between true experts on a subject and bluffers. It may take the fun out of listening at your next conference or seminar. But if you happen to be the speaker, using the technique will ensure that your audience has a chance to learn something new from you.


Physicist Richard Feynman created a four-step technique to bridge the gap between merely knowing a subject and truly understanding it.

Theoretical physicist Richard Feynman won the 1965 Nobel Prize for physics for his work on quantum electromechanics. He pioneered quantum mechanics and introduced the concept of nanotechnology. But Feynman also developed an idea with broad applications to any field. His learning method – known as the Feynman technique – can help you gain a deeper understanding of any subject.

Feynman made a clear distinction between knowing about a subject and deeply understanding it. You can fool many people into believing that you know what you’re talking about by simply memorizing a lot of jargon, titles, terms and names. But the true test of your understanding is whether you can explain the subject so that a novice could grasp it. To gain that kind of comprehension, Feynman developed a simple four-step process that you can repeat as many times as necessary until you possess a deep understanding ...

About the Speaker

Tristan Reed is a developmental specialist at TopThink, a YouTube infotainment channel with more than two million subscribers.

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