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The Training Design Manual

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The Training Design Manual

The Complete Practical Guide to Creating Effective and Successful Training Programmes

Kogan Page,

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Training your employees can be fun. No, really.

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This book is truly a manual – it consists almost entirely of bullet points, flowcharts, diagrams and little drawings. If that isn't enough for you, it comes with a CD-ROM that provides additional templates and ideas. Tony Bray's focus is utterly practical; he is less interested in theories than in lists of activities. He loves mnemonics and games, some of which sound pretty silly – but will probably work. The book's style is friendly and workmanlike. In fact, Bray may completely overwhelm you with ideas to try. getAbstract recommends this book to human-resource managers and others who want to introduce employees to new information, processes or experiences, or to help them brush up on old ones.


Six Steps to a Training Program

Corporations that operated internationally were the original users of the following six-step DESIGN program – but it is actually a good guide for organizations of any size and scope who wish to train employees:

  1. "Define the learning needs" – Who needs to learn what and why? To find out, you may need to conduct a learning needs analysis.
  2. "Explore the learning options" – Identify and assess your organization's internal and external resources or suppliers. Draft a proposal to meet unmet needs.
  3. "Sequence the learning" – Determine which training activities are necessary and create a logical sequence of activities. Include the sequence in your final proposal.
  4. "Initiate pilot programs" – Develop the training program, test a pilot version, obtain feedback and tweak the program.
  5. "Go live" – Roll out the program and begin training.
  6. "Now review and relaunch" – Assess feedback and modify the training as necessary.

Conducting a Formal Learning Needs Analysis

You can't create a successful training program until you understand...

About the Author

Tony Bray has designed many workshops and courses, and has published numerous articles about employee training.

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