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What ChatGPT Reveals About the Urgent Need for Responsible AI

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What ChatGPT Reveals About the Urgent Need for Responsible AI

As Generative AI democratizes adoption, new challenges loom for organizations.

Boston Consulting Group,

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Like all technologies, generative AI is a double-edged sword.

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Don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from implementing generative AI for your company’s deliverables, but do implement AI responsibly, and aim to do so early: The Boston Consulting Group has found that the average RAI (responsible artificial intelligence) program takes three years to mature. In this special report, the Boston Consulting Group’s Henderson Institute lays out actionable steps – including implementing insurance policies and red-teaming processes – for adopting AI responsibly.


Concerns about power, governance, unintended impacts on customers, capability overhang and ill-defined copyright issues plague generative AI.

First there was a mad scramble to incorporate AI into the processes and operations of organizations; now, organizations are recognizing the problems that can emerge with the use of AI, particularly generative AI. Consider ChatGPT: The program can generate credible-looking, but often incorrect, scientific texts, it can parrot hate speech, and can proliferate biases in avatars and images. But these aren’t the only issues. The data sets used by generative AI contain a wide variety of materials, laying the foundation for copyright claims. Though smaller organizations can use AI, only very large corporations with access to resources like large data sets, computing and engineering power can build generative AI. This means the power of generative AI is centralized among large, powerful organizations, leaving marginalized...

About the Authors

François Candelon is the global director at the BCG Henderson Institute. Abhishek Gupta is a fellow for Boston Consulting Group’s Augmented Collective Intelligence program, Steven D. Mills is the chief AI ethics officer at the BCG, and Leonid Zhukov is a partner and the associate director of data science at the BCG.

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