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Why You Need a New Approach to Learning

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Why You Need a New Approach to Learning

Boston Consulting Group,

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COVID-19 is either propelling your company into the future, or into the dustbin. Workplace learning will decide which.

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There’s a fissure in your company. That crevasse will swallow your company if you let it. It’s the gap between what your employees know, and what they need to know to help your company thrive in the future. Your employees need digital skills, and trainings won’t get them where they need to go – especially with COVID-19 accelerating the process of digital transformation. The situation requires a more flexible approach to workplace learning, and the experts at Boston Consulting Group explain how to implement the necessary measures.


COVID-19 is propelling companies into the digital future.

Even before the 2020 pandemic, workplace learning was the top priority for forward-looking CEOs. COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation and pushed employees into online work.

This trend will likely continue after the crisis has passed, and employees will require a brand-new digital skill set. Workplace learning needs to take place at employee level and be ongoing.

Guide your employees as their jobs require new skills. 

Recognize your company’s skill gaps. Then support your employees as they acquire new skills, hire new talent, automate processes and consider outsourcing. These efforts should reach everyone – including:

  • Senior executives who will set an example for others;
  • Managers who must embrace agile, data-based action;
  • Digital talent who will need to...

About the Authors

Jens Baier, Elena Barybkina, Vinciane Beauchene, Sagar Goel, Deborah Lovich and Elizabeth Lyle collaborated on this special workplace learning report from Boston Consulting Group offices in Düsseldorf, Dallas, Paris, Singapore and Boston.

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