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10 Principles of Customer Strategy

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10 Principles of Customer Strategy


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Finding and keeping customers takes more than great products. It takes a well-planned customer strategy.

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What do customers want? Simply identifying a group of consumers and crafting a well-designed product for those consumers isn’t enough. Consumers today want more than product; they want companies to offer them unique experiences. To do this, businesses must have a comprehensive customer strategy in place. Strategy experts Thomas Ripsam and Louis Bouquet break down 10 principles of a winning customer strategy, offering case studies and tips to help organizations craft their own executable plans. getAbstract recommends this article to business leaders and sales and marketing strategists.


To provide your customers with value and a unique experience, follow 10 principles:

  1. “Master the art of the possible” – Take inspiration from innovators like Uber and offer your customers helpful technologies before they ask for them. As Uber’s rideshare app shows, what is experimental today may prove to be a must-have in the near future.
  2. “Know your customers at a granular level” – To determine your customers’ most significant wants and needs, gather information on them from a number of different sources, including social...

About the Authors

Thomas Ripsam is an adviser to executives with Strategy&, PwC’s strategy consulting business. Louis Bouquet is a thought leader with Strategy& and a director with PwC US.

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