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Administrative Assistant's and Secretary's Handbook

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Administrative Assistant's and Secretary's Handbook


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It’s not the CEO or president who keeps things running smoothly inside a company. It’s the office administrator.

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The CEO may seem indispensable, but little changes on a day-to-day basis if he or she is on vacation. On the other hand, if the CEO’s administrative assistant (AA) is out of the office, things can break down fast. The CEO may be the public face of the organization, but the AA (executive secretary, office administrator) is its internal heart and soul. When people need things fixed, from copy machines to schedule conflicts, from lost documents to lost opportunities, they turn to the AA, the all-purpose office expert, who must be knowledgeable, friendly and approachable, even if the CEO is above the fray. Executive secretaries are expected to be superb generalists, able to do a million things efficiently, on time and well. And just how is this possible? Well, look at this big, fat manual for AAs and secretaries. It covers everything, from the elementary to the complex, from telephone procedures to recordkeeping, databases, technology, correspondence and more. If you are an AA or hope to be, this is the ideal guide, with all you need to know in one handy volume. getAbstract recommends it to office administrators in every industry.


Standard Procedures

Administrative assistant. Executive secretary. Office administrator. No matter what your title may be (or if you are job-seeking, what you hope it will be), everything in your office depends on you. To fill this role, you need a few special qualities. You are efficient, punctual, organized, loyal, courteous and discreet. You follow instructions. You are always willing to learn. Your boss and your office could not function without you. Indeed, you are the glue that holds everything together. Your duties are varied and numerous, but you have to do them all well.

You must coordinate and follow through on a seemingly endless series of recurring matters: appointments, bill payments and payroll, plus meeting deadlines for insurance premiums and taxes. Many days, your to-do list seems longer than the Silk Road. Your boss can forget things, because you remember them, from conference calls to charity balls. In your office, you are the indispensable professional. To stay on top of your many, varied duties, track the following tips.

Dictation and Transcription

Stash a pen and notepad somewhere unobtrusive in your boss’s office so you can immediately...

About the Authors

James Stroman has worked as an executive assistant to the owner of a NFL team, a university president and a governor. Kevin Wilson is a training consultant and instructional designer. Jennifer Wauson has produced training programs for Fortune 500 companies.

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