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In 1987, Time magazine reported that George H.W. Bush, then vice president of the United States, spoke disparagingly of “the vision thing.” This quote bedeviled the first President Bush throughout his political career. In contrast, one man with a vision transformed Dubai from a village in the desert into a world-class city. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum imagined an attractive future for Dubai that transcended the petroleum boom. Today, due to his vision, Dubai has become a popular tourist attraction and a financial hub. Business consultant Rob-Jan de Jong’s erudite treatment outlines the importance of having vision. He explains how to develop your visionary abilities by being open-minded, using your imagination, and learning and applying vision-development techniques and practices. getAbstract recommends this useful, intriguing guide to the development and use of vision to leaders and to those who want to lead.

About the Author

Behavioral strategist and economist Rob-Jan de Jong consults, writes and teaches on how leaders should deal with complexity and uncertainty.



Envision a Restaurant Without a Kitchen

A San Francisco restaurateur contacted the creative, visionary consultant Edward de Bono. The restaurateur’s formerly popular establishment was losing business to the new, exciting restaurants opening in his area. After de Bono took a tour of the restaurant, he asked the owner what he was most proud of. “The kitchen, of course,” the owner replied. “Our kitchen produces amazing, high-quality food.” Then de Bono said, “Let’s get rid of the kitchen.” The bewildered owner asked, “But how can we run a restaurant without a kitchen?”

Sensing that the owner was a tiny bit curious under his surprise, de Bono asked, “What would happen if you no longer had a kitchen? What would your restaurant look like? What would people come here to do? What would attract them?” The owner, still perplexed, asked if he should get out of the restaurant business, but de Bono replied, “Stay focused on the concept of a restaurant, but without a kitchen.” The owner said he could use the kitchen area to increase the dining area by 100%, making the restaurant more open and modern. “Maybe we could even create various different atmospheres to match the moods of...

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