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Improve Your Virtual Meetings book summary

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Even before COVID-19, conference calls and video meetings were a part of the business world. To thrive in this remote environment, executive John Arthur argues, you need to understand how to make the best use of today’s technology. In this short, practical text, Arthur explains how you can present yourself as you’d like others to see you by learning pivotal strategies for attending or hosting conference calls and video meetings. He offers helpful guidelines covering a wide range of issues, including how to how to pick a location, how to modulate your voice, and how to set up sound, video and lighting.

About the Author

Executive John Arthur also wrote Manage Your New Career: Learn Quickly, Avoid Pitfalls and Start Your Career With Momentum.


With more people working remotely, companies will become more reliant on virtual meetings.

Since 2010, businesses have increasingly embraced remote meetings: “Person-to-person” phone calls became conference calls, and in-person meetings transformed into video meetings. COVID-19 accelerated the trend toward virtual interaction. Video conferencing is now ubiquitous. The pandemic highlights why workers who seek career advancement and businesses that want to remain viable need to learn to use this technology.

Advances in technology parallel the increase in audio and video conferences. Back when downloading an image from the internet took almost half a minute, no accessible technology offered an effective means of linking numerous people via video. Today’s greater bandwidth supports many such activities.

Virtual meetings have increased due to the growing number of freelancers and “digital nomads” who earn their living primarily via the internet. Because these people can work thousands of miles away from your company’s office, in-person meetings are rare. The ability...

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