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The 7 Skills Every Twenty-Something Needs to Overcome Roadblocks and Achieve Greatness

FranklinCovey Publishing,

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Seven crucial workplace skills every millennial must master and practice.

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This is a welcome handbook for millennials who want to succeed at work. Author Chip Espinoza, writing with Peter Miller, Curtis Bateman and Curtis Garbett, identifies corporate circumstances that millennials may see as roadblocks to success. The authors identify managers’ typical negative perceptions of millennials and explain how young adults may inadvertently fuel those perceptions. This guidebook outlines seven areas millennials should address that involve common complaints about their performance and behavior. Managers’ opinions of millennials are frankly negative, but millennials shouldn’t feel insulted. The authors are totally on their side and provide a friendly roadmap to the strange, new world of work. The book is designed with millennial readers in mind, given its clean layout, charts, graphics and worksheets. It helps millennials address beginners’ flaws and understand management’s perspectives. Despite its occasionally parental tone, getAbstract recommends this real-world manual to millennials seeking personal growth and career advancement.


What’s a Millennial?

Two studies provide insight for millennials in the working world. The first analyzed managerial perceptions of millennials on the job and the second looked at millennials’ experience when they start work. The roadblocks they report paralleled managers’ concerns about their performance.

Millennials – born between 1983 and 2001, and also known as Generation Y – were raised by parents who enjoyed and nurtured their children. As a result, they tend to expect everyone to be interested in their improvement and development. They are well educated and self-sufficient in many ways. They don’t need an authority figure, like a teacher, to help them find information. They have advanced technology skills and connect globally with ease.

Millennials’ Work Habits

Millennials approach work differently than older employees and seek different rewards. They suffer the highest unemployment rates in US history, partially because of the economic crisis and partially because they have high expectations. Instead of seeking traditional entry-level jobs to earn enough for necessities, they want a position that is close to their “dream job.” By 2020, millennials...

About the Authors

Chip Espinoza, a keynote speaker on millennials, is the co-author of Managing the Millennials. He wrote this book with Peter Miller, Curtis Bateman and Curtis Garbett.

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