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Revolting Women

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Revolting Women

Why midlife women are walking out, and what to do about it

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Many women quit their careers in midlife. Learn why and how employers can retain their expertise.

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Many women leave their careers at midlife – often just as they reach the height of their professions. Through compelling research and personal stories, psychologist Lucy Ryan uncovers the reasons behind this exodus: a desire for flexibility, purpose and recognition that workplaces often fail to provide to midlife women. Ryan sheds light on the challenges and aspirations of these women and offers hope for employers to harness their talent and ensure their careers flourish. Ryan aims to spark a workplace revolution that celebrates and accommodates the unique strengths and needs of midlife women.


Women are underrepresented in positions of power in today’s workforce, and many organizations fail to recognize this fact.

Midlife women make up the largest demographic in the workforce, but the situation changes once women approach positions of power. In the UK, if women held the same proportion of executive roles as their proportion in society, there would be 919 more female executives than there are at present. Women in the UK hold fewer than 40% of managerial roles in schools, only 17% of social media CEO positions, 22% of museum and gallery chairs, and 15% of leadership roles within sports governing bodies.

Employers may not fully recognize the underrepresentation of women in leadership roles because a prevalent media narrative suggests middle-aged women have achieved significant progress in attaining influential positions. Some business leaders and studies promote the notion that gender parity has been achieved. However, this perception fails to account for data and women’s lived experiences that highlight a persistent disparity in senior roles across various sectors.

Midlife women’s exclusion from...

About the Author

Lucy Ryan is a psychologist and coach specializing in women in leadership.

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