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How Smart Professionals Change Careers – and Seize Success


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Thinking about a career change? Learn how to make your switch the smart way.

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In recent years, the popularity of professionals changing occupations mid-career has exploded. Becoming a successful “Switcher” is a challenge, but author Dawn Graham’s thoughtful guide explains how to make the leap as painlessly as possible. Included are strategies for overcoming psychological obstacles and creating an effective game plan, as well as detailed instructions on networking, branding and interviewing. The text’s clear but lively style, solid references and on-point examples make the book a valuable asset for would-be Switchers of all stripes. 


Prime yourself for job-hunting success with the “Four Rs” of the Switcher mind-set.

According to government statistics, the average American spends about five years engaged in job searches; each search takes about six months. For Switchers – workers looking to change not just positions but professions – the hunt can take even longer.

Switchers fall into three categories: “Industry Switchers” look for similar jobs in new arenas, such as corporate to academic; “functional Switchers” seek a new role in the same industry, like pharma accountant to pharma marketer; and “double Switchers” want both a new industry and a new function – Army lieutenant to tech company manager, for example.

All three switches are challenging, especially the double; but no matter what type of Switcher you are, you will need the right mind-set to succeed. At their core, all Switchers reflect the Four Rs mind-set: They take “responsibility” for their choices; they’re realistic about their strengths and weaknesses; they’re resilient; and they’...

About the Author

Dr. Dawn Graham is a career coach, licensed psychologist, former corporate recruiter and SiriusXM radio host. She was director of career management at the Executive MBA Program at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and is currently the director of talent management at KPMG.

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