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The Million-Dollar Race book summary

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Perhaps your company downsized senior executives, closed its doors or merged with another firm. If you suddenly find yourself out of work, you surely want to find a management job with a salary commensurate with your recent earnings. Good luck. Today, the typical top-management position paying $120,000 or more will attract up to 5,000 applicants. “Talent architect” and corporate consultant Kirk Hallowell teaches you how to come out on top in this hypercompetitive environment, in part because he reflects the interests of the firms doing the hiring. getAbstract recommends his smart, useful book to corporate hiring officers and to anyone seeking a senior executive position.

About the Author

Kirk Hallowell is a consultant in talent management software and processes.


Good Jobs Are Scarce

Finding and securing an attractive management position is not easy in today’s economy. Competition is fierce, and the best companies recruit job candidates differently than they did before the recession. Once upon a time, job applicants with strong résumés and sound interview presentations could compete favorably. Today’s job market requires much more. Accepting the new realities is your first step as an out-of-work job applicant.

The typical senior-management position will set an average firm back by $1 million or more over a five-year period. Expenditures such as search fees or relocation expenses can drive the cost of a $150,000 annual position to $250,000 or more. Firms must find the right people, so selection procedures are becoming more sophisticated.

Your Olympic Hurdles Race

Think of your job search as an Olympic hurdles race. You must accept certain verities. You cannot win your dream job if you are not prepared to work hard to get it. Only those who put in the necessary time and effort will have a successful job search. If you do every step correctly, you may land the job you want in a few weeks – or, even so, you still...

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