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The Panic Free Job Search

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The Panic Free Job Search

Unleash the Power of the Web and Social Networking to Get Hired

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Forget flooding the world with résumés: Use the web and social media to make employers come to you.

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The rules for finding a job have changed. Sending your résumé to headhunters, applying for jobs online or responding to advertisements are time wasters. Instead, recruiter Paul Hill shows you how to create a professional online presence – a “ProfessionaliBrand” – that tells future employers who you are and why they should hire you. Hill’s job-hunting advice starts with a foray into self-help with recommendations for techniques you can use to build confidence and overcome negative emotions that impede your ability to get a job. Some readers will benefit from this kick-off, while others may find it off-putting, but anyone who is job hunting can learn from Hill’s far more extensive advice about making the most of your résumé, your online activities and your ability to network. getAbstract recommends his guidance to those searching for a job or for a career change that really fits.


“Professional Internet Brand”

The traditional “click and send” method of responding to online job advertisements no longer works. Instead, job seekers should harness the Internet to impel employers to seek them out instead. When you create an online Professional Internet Brand, you establish a fulltime display showing your most polished business image to future employers. “The sum total of everything you say and do online, and what others say about you, is your ProfessionaliBrand.”

“Taming Your Inner Beast”

If you’ve been downsized or fired, you may feel rejected. You may feel you’ve failed. Perhaps you are afraid to move forward. You dust off your résumé, post it to online job boards and send it to recruiters. After months or even years, you still don’t have a job. That’s because the rules of job searching have changed and, perhaps, because you have not yet faced your inner beasts: a lack of confidence born of repeated rejection, plus feelings of fear, shame and inadequacy bred by months of job hunting. You may not have liked your last job, but you clung to it because you equate your personal identity with your work. Solutions for silencing those inner beasts...

About the Author

Paul Hill is a principal in TransitionToHired and president of ADV Advanced Technical Services, an employment recruitment and placement firm.

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