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8 Book

Family Business

(Routledge Masters in Entrepreneurship)
Carole Howorth and Nick Robinson
Routledge, 2020
8 Book

Crisis Communication

Managing Stakeholder Relationships
Audra Diers-Lawson
Routledge, 2019
8 Book
Maria Piacentini et al.
Routledge, 2019
7 Book

Be Bad First

Get Good at Things Fast to Stay Ready for the Future
Erika Andersen
Routledge, 2016
9 Book
Joseph A. Schumpeter
Routledge, 2008
8 Book

The Future of Global Retail

Learning from China’s Retail Revolution
Yunfei Feng et al.
Routledge, 2021
8 Book

Office Lean

Understanding and Implementing Flow in a Professional and Administrative Environment
Ken Eakin
Routledge, 2019
8 Book

The Russian State and Russian Energy Companies, 1992–2018

(BASEES/Routledge Series on Russian and East European Studies)
Ingerid Opdahl
Routledge, 2020
8 Book

Law, Legislation and Liberty

A New Statement of the Liberal Principles of Justice and Political Economy (Routledge Classics)
F. A. Hayek
Routledge, 2012
8 Livro

A Economia do Clima

A situação atual
Frank Ackerman e Elizabeth A. Stanton
Routledge, 2013