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Better Business Speech

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Better Business Speech

Techniques, Tricks, and Shortcuts for Public Speaking at Work

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Voice coach Paul Geiger guides you through the craft of public speaking and networking.

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Have you ever dreamed you were standing behind a lectern while thousands of eyes scrutinized you, waiting for you to deliver an epic speech? And as you began, your mind went blank? If this dream makes you break out in a cold sweat, heed voice coach Paul Geiger as he guides you through conquering the hazards of public speaking. He provides confidence-boosting tutorials about speech preparation, including vocalization exercises and breathing techniques. Geiger offers a basic primer for anyone who gets jittery about public speaking and wants to feel confident instead.


The secret ingredients of great public speaking are controlled breathing and a concise message.

If you get nervous delivering a speech or presentation, remember that being yourself matters more than how smart you are. No matter how intelligent you may be, you will never convince your audience unless you communicate your ideas with authenticity.

Two techniques enable you to deliver your speech with confidence, poise and composure: solid breathing techniques and a precise idea of the message you want to communicate.

In meetings, prepare and connect to contribute your ideas with confidence. 

Meetings – in person, over the phone or by video – are essential in the business world. You want to contribute with confidence, speak up and be heard. Stay attuned to the conversation so you know when to enter the discussion with your idea or argument.

Before speaking, prepare yourself. Compose the comments you want to make.Take several deep breaths to cool your nerves and help you project your voice.If possible, stand tall and take a few steps. Being physically active will improve ...

About the Author

Paul Geiger is a voice coach, performer and senior associate instructor at New York Speech Coaching. He also provides narration for commercials.

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