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Beyond Cybersecurity

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Beyond Cybersecurity

Protecting Your Digital Business


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Prepare your company for an inevitable cyberattack.

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Information experts James M. Kaplan, Tucker Bailey, Chris Rezek, Derek O’Halloran and Alan Marcus present a necessary – if matter-of-fact – overview of functioning cybersecurity. They methodically explain the threats you face, and how cybersecurity relates to all aspects of your business and well-being. The dangers of the digital age demand that you scrutinize how security aligns with all the other aspects of your business and then act on your conclusions. getAbstract recommends this practical, applicable manual to anyone trying to evaluate risk and design an integrated business for the digital age as well as to those working in cybersecurity.


Why Cybersecurity Matters

Society depends on information systems. The more connected your world, the more easily criminals, terrorists and foreign governments can access your data for their purposes. Progress and economic security demand institutional and organizational defense against cyberattacks. Some cyberattackers steal information for a competitive advantage. Others ruin your reputation or expose you to penalties. Digital fraud attacks seek direct financial gain. Others disrupt business or governmental services. Cybersecurity refers overall to the way institutions defend themselves against cyberattacks. Since you can’t prevent cyberattacks, consider cybersecurity as “a risk management function.” Institutions must change how they address cybersecurity to maintain consumers’ faith in an increasingly digital economy. Cyberattacks slow innovation, reduce the value of new technologies and “lower frontline productivity” because employees must spend time conforming to security precautions.

You can’t just implement new software: You must get approval from your IT or cybersecurity staff members. It might take months to figure out how to integrate a new device...

About the Authors

James M. Kaplan co-leads the global IT infrastructure and cybersecurity practices at McKinsey & Company, where Tucker Bailey is a partner in the Washington, DC, Business Technology Office and Chris Rezek is a senior expert consultant. Derek O’Halloran and Alan Marcus are information experts at the World Economic Forum.

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    M. S. 7 years ago
    It is a interesting read and very informative.
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    M. A. 7 years ago
    Very informative for people that are not aware of how exposed we are.