Beyond Order
A review of

Beyond Order

12 More Rules for Life

It Ain’t Easy

by David Meyer

Best-selling cosmic advice-giver and moralist Jordan B. Peterson offers 12 more insightful, applicable, hard-nosed rules for living a fulfilled life. The only kind, he contends, worth living.

Controversial psychologist and reluctant sage to the rudderless, Jordan B. Peterson follows up on his 2018 bestseller 12 Rules for Life with an additional dozen rules in Beyond Order. The text harnesses myth, the Bible and enlightened thought as tools for exploring life’s confounding yet vitalizing contradictions. Peterson eviscerates ideology and urges you to appreciate beauty, be courageous in the face of tragedy, take responsibility for your actions, and embrace the sublime within and without yourself. Unsentimental yet captivatingly blunt, Peterson offers stern, transcendent advice for perilous times.

Reasonable Conservatism versus Creative Transformation

Peterson’s first rule establishes the importance of both social institutions and creative achievement. People need to spend time with others to keep their minds organized, hold onto their memories, judge their actions and ensure they function in reality, not fantasy. To determine what society believes is beneficial, people must agree on what constitutes society’s problems and formulate practical solutions. These solutions constitute the “natural ethics” that form the institutions that govern people. They are not the perfect solutions, but society relies on them to function properly.

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