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Body Language Experts Reveal How to Win at Job Interviews

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Body Language Experts Reveal How to Win at Job Interviews


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Learn the dos and don’ts of job interview etiquette from three body language experts.

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When you sit through a job interview, your words might say one thing while, unbeknownst to you, your body language says quite another. Learn to align your words with your facial expressions and gestures while prepping for your interview with this quick-fire advice from body language experts Joe Navarro, Abbie Maroño and Anne-Maartje Oud. If you want a rapid recap of the dos and don’ts of interview etiquette, their shrewd recommendations are for you. 


Don’t ad-lib your way through an interview. Thorough preparation is vital to progression.

Before your interview, take time to prepare. Try on the outfit you’ll wear in advance to ensure it’s a comfortable fit. Compose strong answers to sample questions, or have a friend do a mock interview with you. Practicing helps you to speak about your experience without hesitation during the interview and ensures that you won’t get caught off guard by a curveball question. 

Your interview commences before you enter the conference room. Recruiters will scroll through your social media, so clean up your online presence. Behave professionally from the moment you approach the site of the interview. Decision-makers might be observing your comportment, such as how you interact with auxiliary staff, without your realizing that you’re being watched. 

Bringing a copy of your résumé to the interview will make you seem prepared. When handing it to the interviewer, treat it as though it were an important document rather than a mere piece of paper. 

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About the Speakers

Joe Navarro is a former FBI agent and a body language coach. Abbie Maroño is a behavioral scientist. Anne-Maartje Oud is a communications expert.

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