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Career Killers, Career Builders

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Career Killers, Career Builders

The Book Every Millennial Needs to Read

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For a successful professional life, avoid five “career killers” and embrace five “career builders.”

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John M. Crossman discusses five “career killers” that can immediately torpedo you at work and five “career builders” that can help you succeed. He lists and describes acts of self-indulgence that no career can survive and offers the caveat that even one mistake can ruin you. In this career-planning guide for millennials, college grads and new employees, he tells readers what steps to take and what disasters to avoid when building a successful career and an enjoyable, satisfying life. His brief but comprehensive primer lends a hand to young people trying to create a context for success.


Your career should make you feel great, match your strengths and enable you to get ahead. 

A great career should boost the way you feel, correspond with your personal and professional abilities, and help you reach your goals. In kindergarten, teachers tell kids they can become anything they want: astronauts, big-league ballplayers, movie stars, even president of the United States. Things change when those kids turn into adults.

Grownups have to leave dreamland and face reality. Facing reality means planning, preparing for, securing, and enjoying a meaningful and satisfying career. No matter what your career turns out to be, making it satisfying and successful requires hard work, dedication and discipline.

For career success, you need to be self-controlled, responsible and capable of making wise decisions.

You must make the right choices, do the correct things and avoiding the deadly mistakes that can kill any career. A successful career depends on three elements: 

  1. Knowledge – You will develop specialized information in the course of your...

About the Author

John M. Crossman is president of Crossman & Company – a regional commercial real estate company based in Orlando, Florida. He has funded or helped fund scholarships at more than 30 universities. He based this book on his most requested speech, The Top Five Ways to Get Fired and The Top Five Ways to Keep From Being Fired. For more information, see his website at

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