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Developing an Inclusive Consciousness

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Developing an Inclusive Consciousness

Talks at Google with Sadhguru

Talks at Google,

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Break free from your self-limiting beliefs to develop a truly inclusive mind-set.

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Creating a peaceful and inclusive world and workplace starts with you, explains renowned Indian mystic Sadhguru in this inspiring Talks at Google interview. He outlines how to do the inner work that will not merely change your actions but transform your consciousness – so that behaving in an inclusive way becomes second nature. His message will inspire anyone wanting to break free from the boundaries of their past to have a more expansive and inclusive view of self and others.


The source of who you are is not rooted in your past, but your consciousness.

To be genuinely inclusive of others, you must transform your consciousness, not just your attitude. Merely changing your attitude may prompt you to act in a more positive way, but your past will continue to define you. If you go through a transformation, however, you leave the past behind and focus on the present moment.

The past can teach you nothing about how to be in the present. Your life is complete as it is, regardless of your past experiences.

People in the West rely largely on one dimension of the mind: the intellect.

Our mind has several dimensions, but people in the West are taught to develop only one of them: their intellect. The nature of the intellect is to dissect our experience and to acquire knowledge about the physical world. People in the West are taught that they exist because they think, but it could also be the other way around: that people think because they exist. You may live with a constant stream of thoughts in your head, yet thinking is not required for...

About the Speaker

Jagadish “Jaggi” Vasudev, better known as Sadhguru, is an Indian yoga guru and the founder of the Isha Foundation. He is the author of several books and a frequent speaker at international forums.

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