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Female Leadership at a Tipping Point

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Female Leadership at a Tipping Point

World Economic Forum,

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The gender gap has widened in politics and business. How should society respond?

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Davos 2019 delivered a powerful discussion among some of the globe’s top women leaders. On the heels of a 2019 study showing that women’s representation in politics and business has declined, this call to action – and reminder of what action works best – is hardly groundbreaking but is timely and important. Don’t miss the final portion of the panel, where each panelist shares her own trailblazing story.


In 2019, the World Economic Forum’s yearly gender study revealed a growing gender gap in politics and business. The number of women CEOs of Fortune 500 companies has fallen by almost one-third. Thus, some gender-equality advocates feel “optimistically pessimistic” – that is, confident that change is possible but vigilant against further backsliding.

Elevating female role models is part of the solution. Canada’s 2015 coup of a gender-balanced government cabinet sent a “powerful message” to younger women and improved collaboration among cabinet members. Similarly, a gender-balanced cabinet under UN high commissioner...

About the Speakers

Dalia Grybauskaite, Michelle BacheletCarolyn TastadChrystia Freeland​​, Rebecca Blumenstein and Marin Alsop are leaders in the fields of governance, human rights, business, politics, journalism and music, respectively.

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