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From Startup to Exit book summary

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Serial entrepreneur Shirish Nadkarni, who has successfully started multiple consumer companies, condenses his specialized knowledge and expertise into this comprehensive text about tech start-ups. Nadkarni explains that planning, organizing and running a technology company requires establishing a competitive position in a targeted sector, coping with contingencies, making a profit, securing the funds to scale up and, eventually, exiting with a big payoff. Aspiring tech moguls will want to read this practical guide to launching and sustaining a start-up.

About the Author

Shirish Nadkarni is the founder of mobile wireless email pioneer TeamOn Systems and the cofounder of Livemocha, the world’s largest language learning site.


Successful technology entrepreneurship requires a good idea, smart founders, strong funding and the proper exit strategy.

Most entrepreneurs can’t navigate the start-up journey alone. They face many demanding requirements, beginning with a viable start-up concept based on a competitive idea and considerable research, which should include extensive interviews with potential customers.

Developing the correct fit between your product and its market is crucial. Without that fit, your start-up will falter, no matter how much funding you secure.  

Begin with a strong, capable team of founders. Either you or your co-founder should be a technical expert in your primary operational area. You both should possess sound business instincts and the ability to think and act strategically. You and any other start-up principals must be good salespeople. Start-ups must sell, all the time.

Your founding team should develop and implement smart marketing ideas, including “go-to-market” and search-engine-marketing (SEM) strategies, an effective advertising and public relations program,&#...

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