Leadership Strategy and Tactics
A review of

Leadership Strategy and Tactics

Field Manual

The SEAL Way

by David Meyer

Bestseller and former Navy SEAL commander Jocko Willink offers leadership lessons learned on the battlefield.

As a US Navy SEAL task force commander, Jocko Willink ran Task Unit Bruiser – the Iraq War’s most decorated special operations unit. In this New York Times and USA Today number one bestseller, he details the managerial principles that kept him and his SEAL squad alive under fire. Willink offers a leadership field manual – a strategic guidebook for converting military leadership tactics into useful business leadership advice. 


Jocko Willink served with distinction as a US Navy SEAL for 20 years. He rose through the ranks to become commander of Task Unit Bruiser, which earned the most honors of any special-operations combat unit during the Iraq War.

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