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Love ’Em or Lose ’Em

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Love ’Em or Lose ’Em

Getting Good People to Stay


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Treat great employees like friends you want to keep: Respect them, challenge them, have fun with them and don’t tell them lies.

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People are an organization’s most valuable asset – and whether they stay or go depends, to a large extent, on how their managers treat them. In this clever and candid guidebook, career development expert Beverly Kaye and executive coach Sharon Jordan-Evans offer valuable advice for managers who would like to keep good people in their employ. The book offers actionable tips – ranging from the professional to the personal – for ways that you can help make the workplace more enjoyable for your employees, while improving your own management skills in the process.


As a manager, much of the responsibility for retaining talented employees lies with you.

Many managers and supervisors think that good people stay in particular jobs because of money, perks or benefits – areas that are out of most managers’ control. But, in reality, good people stay in jobs because of circumstances that are, for the most part, within the control of their managers.

Surveys show that managers have a major effect on employee engagement and that they are among the main reasons why people choose to move on – even if the pay at their current company is great and there are plenty of career development opportunities. People will continue to work for you if you treat them with respect and warmth, listen to them, give them interesting and challenging work, afford them some flexibility and make them feel valued. Don’t guess what will keep your employees happy – ask them. One way to do this is to conduct regular meetings with your staff to talk about what will make them stay with you and your organization.

Providing employees with opportunities to develop and grow is a powerful incentive.

Talented employees want to...

About the Authors

Beverly Kaye is an author and global expert in the areas of career development and employee engagement and retention. Sharon Jordan-Evans is an executive coach and the president of the Jordan Evans Group, a leadership consulting business.

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