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More Life, Please! book summary

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Many successful professionals feel they can’t duplicate the same level of achievement in their family lives. Performance expert Christian Marcolli explains that a fulfilling home life doesn’t magically happen. It requires the same kind of focus and commitment that you bring to your career. He shows you how to apply the “6P’s” of his “P6PROP” performance model – “Passion, Precision, Perception, Peace, Presence and Persistence” – to your family life and personal relationships. Each chapter provides an explanation of one of these factors, strategies for incorporating it into your home life, a case study and practical tips provided by his collaborator, executive coach and “talent accelerator” Tarina Wagschal. getAbstract recommends this empathetic, practical guide to ambitious, dedicated professionals seeking more success at home.

About the Authors

Christian Marcolli, psychologist and coach of Swiss Olympic ski champion Dominique Gisin, founded the performance consultancy Marcolli Executive Excellence and wrote Teach Me Patience – NOW! Talent manager and blogger Tarina Wagschal founded the coaching firm LifeWorks.


A New Work-Life Model

Top executives often give so much to their careers that they shortchange their family and friends. Yet, they crave personal time and deep connections. The “P6PROP” program – “Personal Resource Optimizing Performance” – can help busy professionals become better partners, parents and friends. Following this model enables you to find the energy to be the person you want to be at home, no matter how full your schedule or how lengthy your to-do list. Practicing the six “P’s” helps you achieve and experience “more life” and perform at your best all the time, including in your personal life. The six P’s are:

1. “Passion”

The “overwhelming desire” to do something is the fuel that drives the twin engines of productivity and purpose. Become a passionate participant in your family life by bringing a high level of enthusiasm and devotion to your roles as parent, partner and friend.

High-performing professionals’ passion for work drives their career success. They understand that a winning career requires a big investment of time, energy and commitment. Yet they often forget that a successful family life requires an equal level...

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    D. W. 4 years ago
    worthwhile reading - some insights new, but some just brought back to your mind... #getbacktoschool #getbacktowork #MoreLifePlease
  • Avatar
    S. V. 4 years ago
    I loved 6P principle. We often overlook these simple but very important things in our life and think that what matters in life is professional success.
    #getbacktoschool #getbacktowork
  • Avatar
    A. A. 4 years ago
    One of my managers, that I have a ton of respect for, once told me to never apply the professional principles/ techniques at home if I were to ensure a successful and happy personal life, and I concur 100%.

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